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Headquarters: 832.397.0352 

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Harris County Green Party
8525 Comal Street
Houston, TX 77051

How do I report errors on the web site?

If you find an error on the site, please report it to Please use "Error on Web site" in the subject line.

When you report the error, it is helpful if you provide as much information as possible. Use the following as guidelines for the type of information to provide in order to help us find and hopefully eliminate the problem.

  • Copy & paste the URL of the page where you've found the error.
  • If there is an error message on the screen, copy and paste the error message.
  • If it's just that there's a text error, in addition to the URL, please provide a context for where you see the error. (i.e. 2nd paragraph, 4th sentence, "...HGCP Earth Day Festival..." should read "...HCGP Earth Day Festival..." - the G and C are in the wrong spots.)
  • Tell us what browser and version you are using. You can find that out by clicking the browser's menu icon and selecting About.
  • Tell us what kind of device you are using—e.g.: PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone.
  • Tell us what operating system you are using—e.g.: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry.

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