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Happy Mardi Gras, Lent, Valentine's Day, Lupercalia, Lunar New Year, or whatever other events you may be observing this week.

After a lengthy hiatus, the HCGP blog will once again become active for the foreseeable future. In particular, it will contain periodic reports on the progress of the Ballot Access Petition Drive due to start four short weeks from today. It will also contain adaptations of entries on the blog at, such as the one below.

Longtime HCGP apparatchik Alán Alán Apurim noticed something about the information presented on the HCCO's Harris Votes website. Well, to be more precise, he noticed what information is not on the site: that voters may exercise an option other than voting in a primary or abstaining entirely.

sent a message to the appropriate administrator at HCCO about correcting the oversight. From the resulting correspondence, it seems that the County Clerk's staffers need to be, shall we say, deprogrammed out of the notion that our political activities must remain confined to donkeys and elephants.

Of course, ours is by no means the only county in Texas guilty of such on omission, but Harris County is by far the most populous, with about one-seventh of all registered voters in the state.

​Here is Apurim's message to Hector DeLeon of the Voter Outreach Department, in its entirety, used with his permission, with only slight modifications to Apurim's idiosyncratic email formatting:

Dear Mr. DeLeon, 

Several nationwide polls have indicated voters by a 2/3 majority 
are dissatisfied with the performance of both Republican and Dem-
ocratic Parties and would support having more political choices. 

In the interest of all potential voters, it is imperative that they be 
fully informed of their voting options before the "major" parties' 
March 6 "Election Day" primaries. Texas laws passed by the two 
afore-mentioned parties have the apparent purpose of excluding so-
called "third" parties from the ballot, and widespread publicity of 
a "primaries" election day, exclusive of mentioning the unfair advan-
tage of holding the primaries before the dates allowed for signatures-
collecting, and also informing them they cannot sign a ballot-access 
petition if they vote in a primary, helps them perpetuate the duopoly. 

The state and national Libertarian Party is already on the ballot, but 
is likewise being overlooked by the Media and your office as being a 
consideration as opposed to voting in the primaries. The Green Party,
like the Libertarian Party, does not hold primaries, and is concerned 
that those persuaded to vote in the primaries may, in ignorance of this 
law, not know they can support either of these political parties at their 
upcoming conventions, IF they don't vote in the "major" party primaries. 

I suggest the following words (or some equivalent) be added to your 
advice on how to vote in the March 6 primaries: 

"Voters interested in supporting any other political parties before 
the November elections by voting at their conventions or signing any 
petition for ballot-access (listing of that party's candidates identified 
with that party) must not vote in the Republican or Democratic primary." 

This would be a fair and equitable way for the Harris County Clerk 
to give the voters an aware and truthful choice in upcoming primaries 
AND Libertarian and Green Party of Texas conventions. 

Thank you, 
Alán Alán Apurim


Add to the question of "unethical" and "unconstitutional" the possibility that Harris County is ignoring the will of the majority of its adult residents. If not 2/3, at least half of the voting-age population perceives both corporate parties as inadequate. (Sorry I don't have a citation for the polls to which Apurim refers.)

​This was the best Mr. DeLeon could do by way of a reply:

Thank you for your email. 

By law, the Executive Committees of each political party oversee the conduct 
of the Primary Elections [Texas Election Code, Sec. 172.111. b]. For this reason, 
as it relates to the Primary elections, your request should be address [sic] to the 
Chair and Executive Committee of each political party.

​Thank you.


Section 172.111 begins on page 604 of this document.

Apurim gently informed DeLeon that his reply was a non-answer:

Dear sir, 

By the direction of your reply, it seems you entirely miss the point of my message.  

You're telling me to send the message "to the chair and executive committee of each 
political party" — but obviously it is not in the interest of those parties to publicize the 
access to non-primary political parties. That is your responsibility, as an overseer of 
the conduct of the primary elections, to inform the voters as to what all their options are, 
especially when if certain actions (voting in a primary) will disqualify them from choices 
of which they may prefer, but may be unaware exist for them after the primaries-option. 

State law on conduct of the Primary Elections [Texas Election Code, Sec. 172.111. b] 
(that you have cited as an excuse to not fulfill my request) regards conduct of primaries 
by political parties that have them, but has nothing to do with the responsibility of the 
County Clerk's office and its accurate publicity to voters of their options in voting.

By publicizing only the Republican and Democratic parties' primaries as if they are the 
ONLY options aside from not voting at all, you are doing an inequitable disservice to the 
Libertarian and Green parties and, as I said in my original message, by acting as an in-
formation media, in doing so while not mentioning other options you are giving advantage
to the Republican and Democratic parties, acting to "perpetuate the duopoly"! 

I provided a short non-partisan statement that could be used to inform voters of the 
fact that they have an option to vote in other parties' conventions (prior to the November 
election) or petition for ballot-access ONLY if they do not vote in the Republican and 
Democratic parties' primaries:

"Voters interested in supporting any other political parties before 
the November elections by voting at their conventions or signing any 
petition for ballot-access (listing of that party's candidates identified 
with that party) must not vote in the Republican or Democratic primary." 

Please do your job by informing voters of ALL their options! 

Thank you, 
Alán Alán Apurim


To be continued(?).

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