Green Party Materials

This page is very much under construction, due to migrating the materials from the previous edition of the site.

On this page you'll find (eventually) a wealth of Green Party Materials that you can download to print and use to spread the word about the Green Party and Green issues.

Coming as soon as we can arrange it:

Flyers: for handing out at public events
Pushcards: for handing out at polling stations
Meetings: agenda and minutes for monthly meetings of the General Membership and Steering Committee
Campaigns: for candidates and issues near and dear to the Green Movement
Expense Forms: for requesting reimbursement of your expenditures for Party business

Some Basic Documents

2018 GP Brochure, Four-Fold Legal-Size

2018 GP Brochure, Tri-Fold Letter Size

Authorized Donation Form

Blockwalking Canvass Sheet

Consensus Process for Facilitated Meetings

Green Screen 1: Internal Questionnaire for Potential Candidate Support

Green Screen 2: Questionnaire for HCGP Endorsement

Ten Key Values Push Cards, English/Español

For more, please have a look at the Green Party of Texas Resources page.


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