Online Voting Proposal


Because it is sometimes difficult to reach consensus on questions in monthly meetings, and because postponement of questions based on lack of consensus can sometimes indefinitely delay decision-making or lead to power struggles over control of meetings; this proposal is submitted as a strategy to allow continued discussion and resolution of questions in the subsequent month after an item has been referred for online voting. Online voting has the added advantage of allowing voting members to weigh in on items even if they could not attend the specific meeting when the question was raised, so no one is excluded from expressing their position by a surprise vote on a controversial issue. This webpage is intended to discuss & test the appeal of this proposal. By-laws will have to be amended by the usual process if the proposal is to be accepted.

Proposal Outline:

  • When a decision can not be reached by consensus during a general monthly meeting, the item MAY be referred to the HCGP website for online voting. (The item may also be resolved as currently described by HCGP by-laws; through a vote of members present, or postponed to a subsequent meeting agenda.)
  • The Secretary MUST keep track of attendance sufficiently to maintain a roster of HCGP members eligible to vote.
  • When an item is referred for online voting, HCGP designated NB volunteer will set it up on the HCGP website as a survey page with a yes or no response & a comment section on the page for further discussion. This allows further discussion to be held on the survey page or in person or by other method during the intervening weeks before the next general meeting.
  • The discussion & voting period may extend from the general meeting at which the item is referred for online voting, until the Saturday before the next general meeting.
  • The Steering Committee will be responsible for making sure that tabulated votes are from eligible voting members & shall report the online voting decision at the next general meeting.
  • HCGP by-laws text shall be modified to include this voting method.

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