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Greenwatch TV
A production of the Harris County Green Party

Guest Information

Live Broadcast Time - Fortnightly, every other Wednesday from 8:30-9:30 PM. Production team begins setting up an hour before the show (7:30 PM), guests should arrive by 8:00 PM.

Location - The show happens at Houston Media Source, located at 410 Roberts St., just north of Harrisburg Blvd. The Houston Media Source main phone number is 713-524-7700 (713-524-3823 fax). Their web site is where they give good directions, which we abbreviate below.

Public transportation - Consult the Metro Trip Planner for 7:30 PM arrival at Harrisburg and Roberts. Any of the following routes will get you near the intersection:

  • MetroRail Green Line to Coffee Plant/Second Ward Station; walk four blocks west.
  • 29 Cullen/Hirsch to Harrisburg at Sampson (southbound) or York (northbound); walk one or two blocks west.
  • 20 Canal/Memorial to Sampson at Canal; walk about five blocks south or transfer to the 29 southbound.

Driving Directions - This depends upon from whence you come, and your mode of transportation. Directions given below pretty much assume you drive an automobile, the Houston default. (Some of our crew have used bicycles to get to the studio; it is possible, but not recommended in the dark unless you have good experience doing that.)

The facility is a one-story building with black awnings on the northwest corner of Roberts Street and Harrisburg Blvd. (It is nearer downtown than the coffee factory; one block west of the traffic light at Sampson.) Try using Google-maps "street view" for a look-see.

Directions from downtown Houston start near the soccer stadium, in the near NE side. Going east on Texas Avenue from the traffic light at Dowling, bear left onto Harrisburg. Proceed down under the railroad bridge and back uphill. Watch for a light with a left turn signal at Middleton; turn left there, then immediately turn right onto Hawkins; proceed to the end, and turn left onto Velasco, quickly turn right onto Preston, right again onto Roberts, and yet another right into the parking lot. THAT is a lot of jogging left-right, then left-right-right! But it's the best way to get to HMS from downtown Houston. (Going home will be a lot easier, but we hope you'll join us for post-show relaxation.)

Because of the MetroRail line, you cannot turn left coming from downtown on Harrisburg onto Roberts coming from downtown anymore. If you're coming into town on Harrisburg from the east, it's an easy right turn.

Coming from downtown, if you do not take the circuitous route described above, you will have to go past the building to York St., make a U-turn, come back along Harrisburg, turn right onto Roberts and immediately left into the parking lot that has wrought iron fencing. Secure your ride, and look around.

The entrance looks obvious, but it is not; the main entrance is locked at night, so take the obscure door to the left of the main entrance. Please sign in at the equipment window. We can help you, look for the jolly crew inside the building!

Contact Info on the way - If you get lost en route, or simply cannot find the building or the entrance to the parking lot, please call one of these cell phone numbers: 281-635-5286 (Brian) or 281-728-6327 (Art). The HMS phone at night has an answering machine that often picks up before anyone can get to it. Once you find the station, it's not hard to get to.

Show Format - Generally one host and 1-4 guests around a table. Some shows may use 5-15 minutes of prerecorded video. If guests have video clips to air, we can use miniDV tape or common DVDs; we would like any video clips at least two hours before show time, earlier if possible, with time codes. We can also show still images in either jpg or gif format. (We sometimes air guests' websites or computer presentations such as powerpoint.) We open up the show to phone calls from viewers typically after the first 15 minutes. Viewers can call in at 713-807-1794. Also, we take a few minutes on each show with announcements of meetings and events in Houston related either to the Green Party, our values, or topics presented by the show.

Discussion and Video Tapes Not Permitted on the Show - Remember that Houston Media Source operates in the public interest, with a strict prohibition on commercial advertising of any kind.

  • Any solicitation or appeal for funds.
  • Any advertising or material that promotes any commercial product or service.
  • Any use of copyrighted material without permission.
  • Any reference to long distance or toll-free numbers for information. (We can refer viewers to information lines in the Houston area.)

Channel - Available on cable TV, not satellite or airwave transmission. Cable subscribers can get these public access televsion (PATV) channels only if they live inside Houston city limits.

  • Comcast: channel 17 in most of the Houston area
  • AT&T UVerse and SuddenLink: channel 99.
  • Phonoscope: channel 75

Anyone with broadband Internet access can supposedly watch the show LIVE worldwide on! (However, many of us have experienced "buffering" interruptions in video and audio due to our slow internet connections. That is why you might like to have your friends without cable access or premium streaming options watch later, after we upload the show to Vimeo.)

Dress - Generally casual clothes or comfortable dress clothes. Check with the host. (White shirts or blouses are generally not recommended for TV, nor are plaids or checks with bold contrast.)

Post-show gathering - After the show, we typically go out for about an hour or so of conviviality and relaxing at a place where we can get reasonably priced beverages and food (with vegan-friendly menu being important), and we hope you can join us! We almost always go to Chapultepec, on the south side of Richmond Avenue, a couple of blocks east of Montrose. From the HMS studio, it's west on Harrisburg, south on Dowling, west on Wheeler which becomes Richmond, go under US59, then a few blocks past Taft watch on the left for Chapultepec; u-turn and find the parking lot.

Funding - Houston Media Source is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and receives funding from the Houston franchise cable companies through the city of Houston. GreenWatch is a show planned, produced, and funded by a political party, the Harris County Green Party.

The Harris County Green Party can be reached at 713-866-6285 or The mailing address is Harris County Green Party, PO BX 271080, Houston, TX 77277-1080.

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