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Ongoing: What's Your Talent?

There are numerous ways you can get involved with the Harris County Green Party! Whatever your talents and availability, you can play a part. Contact us if you have an interest or skill in any of the following, we need your help. Or bring your own ideas to our general monthly meeting. Whether you have an hour a month or an hour a day, we could use your help on everything from data entry to phone banking, protesting to distributing flyers, photographing events to writing articles about events. Check out our workgroups or match your talents to the ones below.


Most of the real work of the Harris County Green Party happens in workgroups of interested volunteers. To volunteer send an e-mail to with "Volunteer" in the subject line. 
The following is a description of our currently active workgroups and some information about each. See which one(s) interest you and get in touch with them.

Education -- Elections
Issues -- Info Tech -- Leadership
Media -- Membership/Outreach
Volunteer Opportunities

Women's Caucus

Defining Feminism:

Funk & Wagnall's
FEMINISM - A doctrine advocating the granting of the same social, political and economic rights to women as the ones granted to men; a movement to achieve these.

FEMINISM - 1. The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. 2. Organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests.

How can so important a part of humanity not receive more honor?
There are more women than men in our population, but opinions and needs of this majority are degraded. Denigrated. Know this: when women suffer, mankind and the earth suffer. Rise UP!

Women, contact: Bernadine Williams. The Caucus works to maximize the women's vote for the GP, magnify the impact of green women within the party, and represent the best interests of women on a wide variety of critically important issues. We'll identify and recruit women to the GP, provide campaign training, research legislative issues, and develop women candidates for elected and appointed office as well as leadership positions within the party. It's an opportunity to utilize your skills and talents while developing new ones! ~Hey, it's our party too!

Men, read this feminism speech by Jane Fonda.

AFSCME special web page: Women's Labor History


Thinking Green
Thinking Green was a twice monthly group that discussed Green values, Green issues and the Green Party. Something like it has begun meeting every Monday evening; it is called "G3" which stands for Green Thought, Green Community, Green Action. Check the HCGP home page for current meeting time and place. Here is more information about what Thinking Green was. Contact: HCGP

Book Club and Education
The book club used to read and discuss progressive materials. Check out some good reads here.


Ballot Access and Legal Issues
Contact: Don Cook

Elections & Referendums Work Group
The Elections & Referendums Work Group actively seeks to push political-reform movements, seek out Green or Green-friendly nominees, and seek out Green issues to support. This group seeks out Green or Green-friendly nominees for public office, screens/interviews nominees who wish HCGP endorsement, and proposes methods of supporting these selected nominees. Contact Don Cook; George Reiter.

Information Technology

Email (Listservers)
The HCGP has several active email groups. Learn more about them here.


This group is responsible for the maintenance of the website and provides training and support to members of other work groups to ensure they are able to update their areas of the site. Contact to volunteer.

Database Committee
The Database Work Group maintains the HCGP database, trains Internal Support members on data-entry techniques, and assists with report creation, data entry, and direct-mail campaigns. 


Steering Committee
The Steering Committee is the elected executive body of the Harris County Green Party. It is responsible for the overall direction of the party, makes decisions on administrative and budgetary issues, and makes decisions on any other issue that does not require consensus of the general body. The Steering Committee also sets the agenda for the monthly general meeting. More Info.

FundraisingThe goal of this work group is to develop a budget and regular fund-raising mechanism for the Harris County Green Party. The Green Backs are responsible for working with the HCGP treasurer to determine the financial needs of the HCGP and ensure legal compliance, report financial status to the Steering Committee, and recommend spending initiatives. Merchandising and Materials works to ensure that party materials (from general info to Green Party T-shirts) are stocked, inventoried, and sold. Contact: Don Cook.



Green Watch Cable TV Show
We choose not to BLAME the media, we BECOME the media! Join GreenWatchTV, our very own television show covering local and international issues from points of view you just won't see on those other programs. Every other Monday at 8pm on Houston Cable channel 17 (Kingwood 98) and streams live on the internet via Contact Brian Harrison. More Info.

Media Committee

The Media & Communications Work Group actively and consistently promotes the HCGP, our stance on Green issues, and our support of Green and Green-friendly candidates through all public media channels, including print, TV, radio, and the Web.

Membership and Outreach

Diversity Group
The Diverstity group reaches out to underrepresented groups in order to build community ties and to strengthen the Green Party's commitment to a diverse membership and platform. Contact: Henry and Alma Cooper

Events and Festivals

The Events Work Group is responsible for organizing HCGP events and getting members of the HCGP involved in those events. "Events" typically denotes one-time public activities such as Earth Day or internal activities intended for the entire membership. Generally, this would include organizing booths and presence at festivals and scheduling Green Hornet appearances. While the Events Work Group coordinates volunteers for events, it often works with the Internal Communications group and the phone tree. Events and Festivals Calendar contact:  Events and Festivals Tabling contact:

Membership Workgroup

Contact John Staley

Issue Groups

Peace & Justice Committee
Contact: Deb.Shafto(at)gmail(dot)com

Volunteer Opportunities

We're also looking for people to help with the following kinds of activities.

Blockwalk to support future campaigns
Build Coalitions with local Green-sympathetic organizations
Contact New Members to make sure all their questions are answered
Greet new members at the General Monthly Meeting
Phone Bank to help us update our member information
Public Speaking at events about the Green Party
Letters to the editor
Letters to congresspeople

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