2020 Green Convention Season

Convention season is upon us! The Green Party of Texas does not hold statewide primary elections, which are expensive; it nominates candidates via conventions at various levels, which meet in person on dates specified by the Texas Election Code. In Texas, this season culminates with the state convention in April, which is a gateway to participation in the Green Party US national convention a few months later.

Here are some details regarding convention opportunities for Greens in Harris County:

Precinct Conventions—10 March, 7 pm

The Harris County Green Party will hold its combined precinct conventions Tuesday 10 March, 7-9 pm at Midtown Bar & Grill, 415 West Gray Avenue. You can represent your voting precinct at this convention. If you wish to participate, please bring your voter registration card that does not have a stamp indicating that you have voted in another party's primary election.

County Convention—14 March, 2 pm

The full convention of the Harris County Green Party will also take place at Midtown Bar & Grill, beginning at 2 pm on Saturday 14 March. This convention is scheduled to run until 5 pm. Delegates to county conventions may:

  • vote to nominate candidates for offices whose jurisdiction are entirely within the county;
  • vote to confirm co-chairs for the county party;
  • select delegates to the state convention;
  • propose and pass resolutions for adoption (or not) by the state convention;
  • propose and pass amendments to the state platform, which may also be adopted (or not) at the state convention.

District Conventions—21 March, 5 pm

District conventions meet primarily for the purpose of nominating candidates for districted offices, such as State House, State Senate, State Board of Education, and US House. The only district convention affecting Harris County this year is the convention for Congressional District 36 which includes portions of Pasadena, Baytown, the Clear Lake area, and several counties in southeast Texas. Hal J. Ridley, Jr., has submitted his name for consideration, his third run for the seat since it was created in 2012, and he has paid the mandated state filing fee.

The TX-36 Convention will begin at 5 pm on Saturday the 21st, at the Nokturne Coffee Shop, 17062 Saturn Lane, 77058 (near Johnson Space Center).

State Convention—18-19 April, 9 am

As of this writing, the location of the GPTX state convention is not determined; most likely in Houston or Austin. Watch this space and your Green social media streams for an announcement of the location.

State conventions nominate candidates for statewide positions. This year, there are a few candidates who filed for statewide office but did not pay the required filing fee, as the pending lawsuit against the Texas Secretary of State's Office may yet remove the fee requirement. The candidates include David B. Collins for US Senate and katija gruene for Railroad Commission.

State conventions in even-numbered years may adopt party resolutions and amendments to the state platform. As with all annual state meetings, the agenda will also include election of a portion of the party's State Executive Committee (SEC).

Delegates to this convention are selected from among the delegates to the county conventions. Counties with active affiliated parties have numbers of delegates apportioned based on their populations; other, non-affiliated counties may send up to two delegates.

National Presidential Nominating Convention—9-12 July

Detroit, Michigan is the host city for the 2020 GPUS Convention, happening at Wayne State University 9-12 July.

This convention, as always, combines the Annual National Meeting (ANM) and the Presidential Nominating Convention (PNC). At the ANM, state parties may submit resolutions and amendments to the national platform. Delegates to the PNC may vote on the nomination of the Green Party's presidential ticket.

Delegates from Texas to this convention are selected from among the delegates to the state convention. All states and territories with active Green Parties may send delegations; there are also delegations from the various identity caucuses within GPUS.

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